Testimonials from our Alumni

“I felt like part of the tribe. In my group there was a feeling of generosity and inclusiveness in an environment that enabled learning and allowed for respectful interaction between the participants.”

     -Rachel Lehrer, clinical Psychologist


“The workshop was really meaningful for me because of the atmosphere of calm and peace of mind.  I use very basic means to achieve balance and relaxation by: breathing, relaxation, guided imagery and other tools and powerful information. “

     -Dr. Eva Shinar, psychologist - psychological services department, Ben Gurion University


“The training session was Relaxing and helped me recharge my batteries.  Despite the difficult events going on (the growing sense of war), the model and its tools allowed me to look inside and find my source of inner strength that I always knew I had but could never quite find.  It feels good to know that I can help myself stay sane, even when caring for difficult patients.

“I was glad to connect to my spiritual dimension, which was long repressed.  I hope that the message and the model can help a variety of patients and therapists everywhere.”

      -Tal Wizman, Psychiatrist, Ikilov Medical Center


“The Doctor has to practice on other in order to be a professional.  The psychologist has to go through things himself in order to take care of others.”

     -Anis Farhat, Clinical Psychologist, Ben Gurion University


“I listened, I breathed, I imagined, I developed, I touched, I drew, I let go, I gave, I received, I tastedand I focused on no place and time but here and now.”

     -Batya Ovadya, Head Nurse, Hadassah Hospice


“The group created a human space that was fascinating, exciting, touching, meaningful and self-growing.  In my group, I experienced things that I never experienced before.  I enjoyed being part of this experience…it allowed me to achieve a very new, deep and pleasant self understanding.”

     -Orit Moses, Social worker, Ministry of Health


“The model answers the question ‘who will take care of the patient?’ and explains the importance of saying ‘Take care of yourself.’”

     -Netzchiyah Binder, Rehabilitation Worker, Bituach Leumi, Haifa


“I have attended many courses and groups, but I never enjoyed and learned as much as I did through this program.”

     -Anat Shalev, Social Worker, ministry of education


“I’m already thinking about what I will use from the program in my work with post-trauma patients”

     -Yehudit Bar Dor, Social worker and lecturer, Hadassah Hospital and Hebrew University


“The process allows the participants in the group to raise serious issues without cynicism and criticism, and people respond from their hearts.’”

     -Boaz Stern, Psychologist, Ministry of Education