Academic Director
Psychologist, Senior CBT therapist and Psycho-trauma Supervisor
Dr. Naftali Halberstadt
Clinical Director
Clinical psychologist, Director of Training and Treatment – Hadassah Medical Center CBT clinic
Dr. Rhonda Adessky
Faculty Members
Psycholgist, Director of Resilience Unit- Israel Center for the Treatment of Psycho-trauma
Dr. Naomi Baum
Mind-Body therapist, Biosynthetic somatic psychotherapist
Avraham Berger
Clinical and educational psychologist
Yaakov Berger
M.A. Educational counselling, Group facilitator
Adi Fishman
DO ND, Naturopath and Registered Osteopath
Avraham Gundle
Family therapist, Supervisor of educational psychology
Dorit Gross
Clinical and medical psychologist, Director of Medical Psychological Services- Hadassah Medical Center
Sara Haramati
Educational psychologist
Irra Harari-Friedman
G.P. Group facilitator for chronic illness, Group facilitator for Israeli-Palestinian Mind-Body groups
Dr. Tali Israeli-Shalev
Clinical social worker, Family therapist
Talia Levanon
Chief clinical psychologist, Maaneh- Jerusalem municipal treatment center for youth and adolescents
Tami Ovnatt-Muller
Senior psychiatrist, Director of Post Trauma Treatment Unit, Tel Hashomer Hospital
Dr. Miki Polliack
Couple and family therapist and supervisor
Sheryl Solomon
Clinical therapist, Eating Disorder Clinic therapist; Director, Mind Body Clinic, Woman’s Heath Center – Meuhedet H.M.O
Ayelet Weider-Cohen


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